Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why do all great love stories include a Juke Box? Will's Perspective

I was working the front door, to the only night club in downtown Nashville with a dress code.  I remember these two young women that would walk by at least once a week and would stop to talk with a coworker of mine. One girl was obviously friendly to my coworker, the other I would get caught up in small talk every now and again.  Her name was Terril and she was gorgeous!  Her body was bangin' and her personality was like the 4th of July.  She was so much fun to talk to and I couldn't wait another week to see her smile and when I got the opportunity to speak to Terril again, I pulled this total cheesy line.  I got her talking about cell phones and soon had hers in my hand.  I input my phone number, giving her the hint to call me sometime.  She asked me what type of vehicle I drove and when I asked her to guess, she thought a sports car of some kind.  When I told her that I drove a '71 Ford F100 short bed regular cab Classic truck, I think that caught her interest.  In that same conversation we found out that we both worked at Opryland, Terril in reservations while I bar tended at the Pool.
We eventually got to talking and started making plans to have lunch together during work.  And after I put myself out there, she finally asked me on a date.  Terril had her friend drop her off when we met, so that she had to spend time with me and give me a chance (I never did thank him for that).  Our first date was a small Nashville bar where we simply played pool and talked to each other.  We were getting along, but I wasn't sure why I wasn't getting the right vibe.  I mean, I could tell she liked me (and I was definitely in to her) there was something holding her back.  Our conversation eventually lead me to the Juke Box while Terril was getting drinks.  While I was choosing some tunes, a girl came up behind me and wasn't being shy.  I was doing a great job playing it off that there was some strange girl with her arms around me, especially because I could see Terril out the corner of my eye, and she was not pleased.  Terril quickly came to my rescue and stepped between this girl making sure it was known that we were there TOGETHER :)
A few memorible dates took place soon after.  We went to the Titans game when they played the Seahawks.  We took the General Jackson (one of the largest paddle wheel boats in the Nation) from Opryland into downtown, where the boat docks directly in front of the stadium.  We sat ten rows from the side of an endzone where I had friends sitting close by.  It was 20 degrees plus wind when I joined my shirtless friends on the Jumbo-tron.  Terril took a great photo!  And we named our first son Jaxin.
On New Years Eve (welcoming the year 2006) I planned us a nice trip to a Tennessee State Park in the Smokey Mountains.  When we arrived, we quickly discovered that we were the youngest couple by 40 years.  It was awesome!  We had a pre-menu dinner set up in a banquet hall where the music matched the guests.  It was so cheesy, it was cute.  We even had to sneak in the bottle of wine.  The next morning we were going to take different hiking trails to a beautiful waterfall.  We still need to take that hike.  That night Terril came down with a bad fever and was passing kidney stones.  We rushed an hour to the closest hospital where we spent the night.  Holding her hand while she was lying painfully still, I knew I wanted to spend my life with her.
The following morning we both started joking about getting married.  It started as a playful conversation that got less funny over the next couple of weeks.  It was a chilli Wednesday morning on January 25th of 2006.  After breakfast I said; "We should do it.  We should get married." Terril paused and said in the slowest way possible; "When?" I said; "I have the day off!!"
Marriage license by 3pm.  Met with friends at The Beer Cellar at 4pm.  Minister in Centenial State Park downtown Nashville by 5:30pm. We both had only a couple friends each.  Terril's brides maid was Jessi, her same best friend that used to come by my work in downtown.  My best man was a female friend Jada (who later pee'd in the bushes).  We took an unplanned reception to the infamous Wildhorse Saloon where more friends gathered and we celebrated the most spontanious day of our lives.  Our wedding photo was taken with a Kodak disposable camera and to this day is the best photo I have ever seen!!

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