Sunday, January 1, 2012

How two people fell in love.......Terril's Perspective

There is a love story behind every fabulous couple and fabulous family....Here is ours:

May 2005: I woke up to snow in Cedar City, UT in May 2005( actually Mother's day) and my best friend, Jessi and I packed up our little cars with everything that we could possibly fit and hit the road for Nashville, TN. Our dream destination.  Little did I know that I would meet my future husband in Nashville that summer. Jessi and I went downtown at least 3 times a week to go dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon and to listen to as much live music as our little souls could handle before midnight:) Jessi met a cowboy that worked as security outside of a karaoke bar and we made a habit of stopping by every night before we headed home to say goodbye. One hot/humid night in August 2005 Jessi was taking so dang long talking with her "male friend" so I just started up conversation with the bouncer of the Red Iguana club next door. I never caught his name, but I talked with him for the next two weeks outside that club remembering him as the "mexican" who worked down town (later to find out he was Dutch/Indonesian). By the end of the 2nd or 3rd week of not knowing really who this guy was, I happened to run into him at Opryland which was where we both worked during the day. He was a different person there, in his glasses, his khaki shorts, and his tennis shoes. I decided right then and there, I should get his name. Matter of fact, he just took my phone and put his name and number in there, under Wil V....and from that day on, we played phone tag until November 25,2005. That's the day he went home to California for Thanksgiving. I couldn't stop thinking about this boy that I met downtown Nashville, who was not even a cowboy and he drove a beautiful classic 1977Ford truck. Never in my life did I imagine to find someone so out of his comfort of California, working in downtown Nashville.
Wil came home from California. I was happy to see him!! I took him line dancing for the first time in his life. It was the best night of my life. December 18,2005 Wil and his friend Corey took me and Jessi on the General Jackson Showboat Cruise ( that's where we got our son Jaxin's name from ) and we took the cruise ship up the Cumberland River to the Titan's stadium and watched the Titans vs Seahawks game. Amazing! We liked each other alot, and it was different from any other guy I had ever dated. There was something special about this man. Then came Christmas 2005, without any family to celebrate the holiday with, me, Wil, Jessi and 3 other friends all met up at the WaffleHouse for Christmas Breakfast. We were family, and I could feel it in my soul.
The best part our story is New Year's Eve 2005. Wil surprised me with a trip to the Smokey Mountains, where we had a cabin, a nice dinner planned for that evening at the "ball room" and then a hike the next day. We were the youngest people there, BY FAR! All we did was giggle cause I am pretty sure it was a senior citizen New Year's Eve getaway. To top it off, we had to sneak our own wine in to the dinner and Debbie Gibson was the music choice for their New Year's Eve party. Totally fabulous night, especially when Wil reached across the table and said "marry me". What?? I had only been technically dating him for 3 or 4 weeks....CRAZY, but I said "YES". We head back to our cabin and I collapse to the ground, shaking, high fever, and in terrible pain. Our trip was ruined by my reoccuring kidney stones and he had to rush me to a hospital somewhere in the Smokey Mountains( to this day I have no idea where we were). We made it to the ER and when he climbed up on the bed with me and helped me urinate ( by the way, not very comfortable in front of someone you have only been dating for 3 weeks ), I knew we were soul mates.  I just knew it! By January 25, 2006 we were at the court house in Nashville, TN getting our marriage license and calling a pastor to perform the ceremony. $150 later, 6 friends and a park with the Parthenon in the back ground, we were husband and wife!! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. In fact, I would do it again.

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