Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2006: Super bowl Sunday. We are pregnant!

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't 100% thrilled about the fact that we had been married 2 weeks and I was already pregnant. I had just got an AMAZING job at the corporate offices for Journeys in Nashville, and there was talk about me becoming the supervisor for all of the Journey stores maintenance requests. Feeling a little down and conteplating if this would work, the kidney stones struck again. That was the answer I was looking for. It made our decision easy.Wil and I agreed that we needed to be around our family for this upcoming journey. So, we packed up and moved to St.George, UT.
Pregnancy was everything I imagined it to be. Literally the worst 38 weeks of my entire life. I was extremely sick the entire time. Not only morning sick, but approx 54 kidney stones sick. By month 7, I had to have stint placements to help pass the stones. Those failed miserably, and one actually fell into my bladder. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything. Good thing St.George,UT has a dinky urology office with a doctor that was older than dirt. I wasn't too happy about tweezers going up to take the stints out, WHILE I WAS AWAKE. Let just say, baby #1 was the first and last child I wanted.
September 27,2006 I remember so clearly. It was the first day in 38 weeks that I felt like getting out of the house and going somewhere. I was starving for the first time as well, all this pregnant mama wanted was some Taco Bell. How could it really be that perfect of a day? My water broke, and now I was a mad hungry mama. Wil took me to the hospital and all my doctors just so happened to be there. Within 2hours, Jaxin Edward VanderKallen was born (c-section) . He was perfect, 5.12lbs and 19inches long. Blonde blonde patch of hair on the back of his head ( looked like a mullet) and the bluest eyes you have ever seen. He looked just like Wil in the most opposite kinda way!
We were blessed with the most amazing little boy that we could ever ask for or ever even expect. There are more stories to come about the extent of Jaxin's impact that he has with every single person that he meets.

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